Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Happy place

I know a happy place
A quiet place
It begins within
With a Word 
just a whisper
A spark that flickers in my soul
igniting my spirit into a roaring flame
that floats a deflated dream
Like a hot air ballon 
I  rise up
When I look below
I see over the mountains 
And across the valleys
I see my way 
When I look up
my dreams are the stars that light up the darkness
This is my happy place
Where my mind is free 
To express what gives me joy
In my happy place
I do not sit by the phone
I dance to the rhythm of my heart beat
and the one I dance with
tunes into my spirit 
and sings my song

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It is abuse

It is not just a slap nor is it just a name
It is abuse
and you should not have to take any
So I get slap in the face
And you are called a name
So I am beaten up with a hand 
And you are beaten down with words
So you have counted a year 
And I have counted thirteen
your pain is not less than mine
When you cry in silence 
And I cry out loud
Your tears are just as salty as mine 
And just as wet
When you dry your eyes 
And mine run down my neck
It is abuse
When sharp words cut your soul
And a hand cuts my flesh
My body has scars 
And your scars are marked on your soul
You do not take in less 
and I do not take in more
Because the heart still breaks the same way and the spirit burns out
You reach out for bread
And you get a stone
I thirst for water
But I drink vinegar
The hunger is the same.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A man with honor

A man with honor is confident and yet not proud,
His humility serves him well in honoring a woman.
A man without honor is proud,
he is foolish to dishonor a woman in serving himself.

man with honor is attractive,
For he knows how to respectfully get what he needs from a woman.
The respect she gives him is earned and not demanded,
She comes to him with an open heart, because he holds out an open hand 
and holds her close to his heart.

A man without honor is unattractive,
He has a woman but not her heart,
Her closed heart cannot yield respect,
So he demands her respect with a closed fist,
A hand to subdue her at his feet.

A man with honor stands tall,
for beside him is a woman who is a pillar of strength,
For her love for him is strong.
A man without honor leans on his arrogance,
For beneath him is a woman too weak from carrying the burden of his pride.

A man with honor holds a woman up
For he takes down her walls to set her heart free
A man without honor hold a woman down 
For he builds walls around her and his ego consumes her.

a good breakup

Why can we not have a good breakup?
You will not threaten me to stay,
And I will not threaten to leave,
Let's hold the door for each other,
As we walk out together,
And part our way,
Because the room that we shared,
That heart that kept us together,
Is now too small to hold both our dreams,
Let us move out without burning the house down,
By not breaking each other's heart, 
And breaking each other's dreams,
Let us move out together,
Without leaving the other behind,
Let us leave the lights on and the door open,
So that either one of us,
Is free to come back,
to the place that we once shared,
And still find fond memories on the walls,
And a warm rug near an open fire,
The place that we once shared should not be a lonely room,  
Because in our hearts,
We hold each other in friendship.

Fish bowl

You hold your dreams in a jar,
You guard them like a treasure,
Wrapping your arms around  them,
watching them with glee,
Like a gold fish you contain them,
You fear to let go,
Because your dreams are bigger than yourself,
And demand higher expectations,
But like a fish in a bowl,
your dreams remain as small as you keep your mind closed,
As shallow as you keep your feet on the ground,
And as low as you look down upon yourself
Look up 
Let your mind see
For your dreams are bigger than yourself,
Because they are your spirit,
Which is bigger than the fish in the bowl,
Have courage
let go
Your dreams have wings to fly,
and needs to soar.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love notes

Unresolved emotions
Questions looking for answers 
The stress that weighs on my shoulders and in my head 
I empty my mind
I think not of myself
I feel lonely
Desperate for someone to hold me 
and remind me of who I am 
To see in me what I cannot
I hold my breath
but I find none
who reminds me to breath out 
So I burn the wick of my candle until the wax puts it out
I hold the match until it burns my fingers
I sit in darkness 
I think until my mind hurts and my flesh aches
Yet my spirit does not burn out
But rages on like a roaring flame
Licking every corner of my mind
Burning down the walls that close my mind
Connecting me with the universe that feeds my soul
The universe embraces me
and a light flikers in my mind
I see the depth of my soul
There lies the wisdom that speaks to me
Words of life
Flowing in a rhythm that syncs mind body and spirit 
Taming my raging emotions 
Creating harmony with chaos
Restoring order from within
Calming my mind
Relaxing my body 
Directing my path to a resting place
There I will sleep
Her words a lullaby 
Her love notes
Serenade my soul in quiet meditation 

Monday, July 20, 2015


An abusive relationship is like a loaded gun,
Keeping one is playing a game of cheating death,
How long can you play Russian Roulette?
The time to get out is before you get numb to abuse,
When you stop trying to appease your abuser,
When you stop caring about what they think or what they do,
You think you have saved your sanity,
Yet you have just set the trigger on a loaded gun,
Who will pull the trigger? 
The abuser will,
in that moment of realizing they no longer have power over you,
The abused will,
In that moment when the will to live 
becomes stronger than the fear to die,
The time to get out of an abusive relationship is before you get numb,
When you can be still and hear your heartbeat,
When you can look in the mirror and still recognize yourself,
When you can still feel the ground beneath your feet to stand up and walk away.