Saturday, November 28, 2015

No apology

I do not need your apology when you do me wrong
Because your apology does not make me whole
For I was me before there was you 
I was myself before there was us
I was before we were
I was already whole
Give an apology to make yourself whole
For when you do me wrong
You take away from your character
When you do me wrong 
You fragment your integrity 
Your apology is to heal your character
And to restore your integrity 
Because character is what builds relationships 
I do not need your apology when you do me wrong 
I need my good spirit 
So that I can forgive you
And not wish you ill

Friday, November 27, 2015

Sands of time

The passion of a dream
Shifts the sands of time 
To build the castle of your dreams
On the white sandy shore 
When the storm sets in  
The wind blows away the dust within
When the tide rises
It washes the jewels of the sea ashore 
When the sun shines
The sands sparkle like glitter in the sand
The passion of a dream
Shifts the sands of time 
Building a castle in the air 
Because your dreams have wings 
The passion of a dream 
Shifts the sands of time
Building a castle on the rocks
Because your dreams have roots 
That are as deep as the waters below 
The sands of time fall softly in the hour glass 
As you spin straw into gold.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stranger to myself

My spirit is a ghost
A life in search of a resting place
Thirsty and weary
Detached from my mind 
But inhibiting by body  
Challenging my feelings 
In limbo
Trying to find myself
Yet running further from myself  
How can I find myself 
With no understanding of who I am
How do I embrace a stranger
When I feel like a stranger to myself

Friday, October 23, 2015

Catching my breath

Barely holding myself up
Barely holding myself together
I feel raffled like a bag in the wind
My hope has been tossed beyond my reach
I breath but cannot feel the wind move through my lungs
I am awake but not living
My tears cloud my eyes
I stumble on my own feet
I cannot understand what I feel
A feeling of being trapped in a bad dream
I open my mouth but I cannot speak
words cannot describe how I feel
I feel crushed 
By my hopes and dreams 
That crumbled in the blink of an eye
A sense of impending doom holds my breath down 
My head is heavy on my shoulders 
I need a break through just to catch my breath  
I breath but cannot feel wind going through my lungs
help me 
I need to exhale.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Love finds you

The love that finds you is the kind of love that stays with you,
 lives in you 
and surrounds you.
It does not exhaust your soul 
Because you do not chase after it
It comes to you  
And lays your soul to rest 
A love that lays with you 
And rises with you
It reads your soul 
And answers questions that you have not yet asked 
Because it hears your voice
It understand the rhythm of your heart beat
the kind of friend who can finish what you start and start what you can finish
Yking and yang
A tango of two souls
Dancing to the rhythm that is not composed by another 
The sound of a melody of strings  
Strumed with fingers intertwined
Walking hand in hand 
With the step of one heart
Yet two people 
Hand in hand
Yet left and right
Heart to heart
Yet ying and yang
Three wishes 
I -love - you
A world in four dimensions 
You, I , hope and the universe

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Happy place

I know a happy place
A quiet place
It begins within
With a Word 
just a whisper
A spark that flickers in my soul
igniting my spirit into a roaring flame
that floats a deflated dream
Like a hot air ballon 
I  rise up
When I look below
I see over the mountains 
And across the valleys
I see my way 
When I look up
my dreams are the stars that light up the darkness
This is my happy place
Where my mind is free 
To express what gives me joy
In my happy place
I do not sit by the phone
I dance to the rhythm of my heart beat
and the one I dance with
tunes into my spirit 
and sings my song

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It is abuse

It is not just a slap nor is it just a name
It is abuse
and you should not have to take any
So I get slap in the face
And you are called a name
So I am beaten up with a hand 
And you are beaten down with words
So you have counted a year 
And I have counted thirteen
your pain is not less than mine
When you cry in silence 
And I cry out loud
Your tears are just as salty as mine 
And just as wet
When you dry your eyes 
And mine run down my neck
It is abuse
When sharp words cut your soul
And a hand cuts my flesh
My body has scars 
And your scars are marked on your soul
You do not take in less 
and I do not take in more
Because the heart still breaks the same way and the spirit burns out
You reach out for bread
And you get a stone
I thirst for water
But I drink vinegar
The hunger is the same.