Friday, June 7, 2013


Living life means solving problems.
Living life is like playing cards against Time.
Each choice that you make, is the card that you play.
The key to the game is to play the right card at the right time.
The right card is the choice that will solve a given problem,
the right time is when you become aware of the problem or anticipate a problem.
Whenever you make a choice that solves a problem, life deals you a stronger hand.
An upper hand is one in which you hold  the card that you will need to solve the next problem.
When you procrastinate,  time will work against you.
Time escalates the problem that you did not take the opportunity to solve.
When you are desperate, you have two choices; resign to fate or take charge and become more creative.
It may be too late to solve a problem but not too late to recover from the blow and to heal.
Recovery begins with taking responsibility for your choices and the consequences.
Recovery means learning the prudence of dealing with time;  that procrastination is not a friend.
Recovery means reaching out for support.
Recovery means being thankful for second chances.
Healing means that you have learned to quickly play the card that will solve a given problem because you know that when time passes,so does the opportunity to solve that problem.

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